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What is Stage Time Trivia?

Stage Time Trivia is Central New York's #1 trivia night! What makes our trivia the best? Each week's trivia is compiled, written, and hosted by the comedians of Comedy CNY. We present our trivia in a completely unique, highly entertaining format, with all the excitement of a live game show! Teams compete against each other in a battle of wits to win cool prizes like gift certificates, free drinks & apps, Comedy CNY show tickets, and more. The questions are fun and challenging, but never impossible. We will test your knowledge on all kinds of subjects with a healthy dose of pop culture, music, movies and current events.  Trivia is FREE to play all you have to do is show up!

Want to run Stage Time Trivia outside the Utica Area?We offer a complete DIY trivia service available online at 

Our digital subscription service provides a new download and print game every week for a low monthly fee.


When you follow us on Facebook you'll get regular updates including clues and hints towards that nights game!


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You will get 4 "General Answer Sheets" at the start of the game. 

Stage Time Trivia consists of 7 total rounds that go a little something like this:


4 Category Rounds 

A Q&A round in which we ask 4 questions from a wide variety of topics. For each answer you will have to assign a different point value (based on how sure your team is). You can circle 1 - 3 - 5 - or 7 points, for a total of 16.


3 Unique Handout Rounds  

During these surprise rounds we will hand out a seperate sheet and your team will work together to complete it and hand it in.  These handouts include a picture round, a matching round, and a crossword puzzle round.


Plot Twist Round

It's the final question round where the unexpected can happen and any team is capable of sneaking in from behind and winning it all!   We will give you the category for one final question.  Starting with the team in the lead each team will have to wager from zero to all of their points based on their knowledge of that category.  


Double Down!

You will have the option to check a "Double Down" box each round to risk all your points and effectively double your points (for that round) if all your answers are correct. But be careful! Double Down ONLY if you think that ALL your answers are correct. One wrong answer and you'll receive ZERO POINTS that round.


The Winner

We will total the points after the final Plot Twist Round and the team with the most points is our winner for the evning. 



Prizes are awarded to our winners (and sometimes runners up) and vary from venue to venue. Check out our locations for full details on prizes, as well as food and drink specials! *Prizes and current food/drink specials are always subject to change*


Rules & Stuff

Name your team. You can name your team anything you like. Humorous pop culture and current events references are fan favorites. If you're planning on playing often, and you should, consider adopting a regular team name that you can keep for a while.


Don't be a cheater. We're sure your wife doesn't mind, but we do. This isn't Millionaire, and that Google machine in your pocket isn't a life line. Please - no cell phones. Cheaters will be subject to ritual public humiliation.


Don't be a screamer. Unless it's in bed, shouting out the first thing that comes to mind is not cool. You know the answer? Hey, that's great! Write it down on the answer sheets we give you. Yelling out the answer is a serious breach of trivia etiquette.


Bring your friends, every single one of them. Bigger IS better and  there is an advantage in numbers. More people = more functioning brain cells (usually). But there comes a time when you really can't fit any more people around your table. Team size is limited to 8 people. If you have more than that, please consider splitting up into two teams.


Scoring and disputes. We're not terribly picky about spelling. If your answer at least phonetically resembles the right answer, that's probably good enough for us. However, if your spelling changes the answer significantly - that might cost you. If you write down Alien and the answer is Aliens, I'm sorry - those are two different movies. Sometimes mistakes happen, in which case The Triviamaster's answer is final and we reserve the right to award partial credit when we see fit.

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