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Is Comedy CNY a comedy club?


We do not have a brick and mortar location, but think of us this way: we are a mobile comedy club. We are a traveling entertainment company that brings the comedy experience to you. We travel to a variety of different venues and transform them into a genuine comedy room for the evening including lights, sound, and of course a great lineup of comics.  We can accommodate almost any venue so if you have a favorite bar, restaurant, or hangout where you'd like to see live comedy let us know.


What is the Winter Comedy Series?


You can learn all about it here:  Visit the Winter Comedy Series page for our full schedule and details.


Who are your comedians?


We book a wide variety of talent from hot up and coming comics, to regional touring comics, all the way up to popular national touring comedians. We will book a show that will fit your audience and budget. We only book professional, working comedians who are sure to entertain.


How much are tickets?


Our normal ticket price is between $10-$20 and most venues offer a dinner and show package that is an especially great deal. Prices may vary for fundraisers and other designated special events. Prices and packages may vary from venue to venue.


I've never been to a live comedy show, what should I expect?


You can expect to laugh loudly, applaud, and genuinely enjoy yourself. You can expect to spend roughly the same amount of money you would to go to the movies, but with a much more personal and engaging night of entertainment.  If you enjoy watching stand-up comedy specials on Netflix or Comedy Central you are in for a real treat because live comedy has its own energy and excitement that you just can't capture on the couch. Here are three simple house rules to follow to ensure you have the best possible experience:

1. SILENCE YOUR CELL PHONE. We don't want someone's cell phone ringing loudly and interrupting the performance, but more importantly we encourage everyone to set their technology aside for a couple hours and be fully there with no distractions to enjoy this great live entertainment. 


2. LOOSEN UP AND ENJOY THE SHOW. If you drinks are available and you drink, have a drink. Allow yourself to laugh loudly and applaud wildly for our performers. We encourage it and we feed off of that energy to create the best show possible for everyone.


3. DO NOT TALK DURING THE SHOW. We encourage everyone to pay attention to and fully enjoy the performance. You may have to order drinks or food during the show and the courtesy is to speak loud enough for your server to hear you, but low enough to avoid distractions.


Will the comedians pick on me?


This is a common misconception. We just want you to have a great time and enjoy our act.  The majority of the time you see or hear about a comedian "picking" on someone it's because that person was being rude to the people around them or disruptive to the show.  So keep your cell phone off, have a couple drinks, relax and enjoy the show. We're here to make you laugh!


How long are the shows?


A full live show will run around 90 minutes and feature anywhere between 2-5 comedians.    


How can I raise money for my orgnization, charity, non-profit, sports team, benefit, group, club, school, etc. with comedy?


A comedy fundraiser is a fun and effective way to raise funds for your cause.  You hire us the same way you might hire a band, DJ, or karaoke service for a flat fee. Your group then raises money by selling tickets to your special comedy event.  Your cause gets 100% of the proceeds from ticket sales. The cost of the show is easily recouped with minimal ticket sales leaving a huge profit potential for your organization.  I am proud to say that our comedy fundraisers boast a 100% success rate and we have helped raise as much as $2,000 in a single show. 


Your Trivia Night's are free to play, offer great food & drink specials, and give away prizes. Is there any reason not to play?


This is more of shameless plug than a real question, but no, there is no reason you shouldn't be making one of your nights out our weekly trivia night. 





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